Since day one, we’ve always been very careful to ensure that all of our seeds were organic. However, since we were a new company that hadn’t gone through the process of getting certified organic, we couldn’t say that our seeds were “certified organic.”

Now we can!

Thanks to the good folks at The Department of Plant Industry at Clemson University who helped walk us through the certification process, we can now say that GrowJourney’s seeds are 100% USDA certified organic.

DPI Clemson University USDA certified organic

What Does This Mean To You?

Will our prices go up? Nope. Will you get less seeds? Nope. In fact, other than seeing some “certified organic” labels on our seed packets and website, you won’t notice any differences.

There are a lot of companies that make claims that turn out to be untruthful when independent auditors take a look under the surface. We’re thankful that the national organic program is out there to help inform and protect consumers who are interested in enjoying the many benefits of organic food (read more about those benefits here from a new British Journal of Medicine study). We’re happy to be able to prove to our customers that our “talk matches our walk.”

So, we hope you’ll continue to grow and enjoy your certified organic GrowJourney seeds!

The GrowJourney Team

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