After many months of planning and hard work, the GrowJourney Seeds of the Month Club is now official!

Huge thanks to our friends, family and team members who helped make this moment possible.

We’ve been growing our own organic produce in our garden for years, aka Tyrant Farms, and our passion is sharing what we know and what we grow with other people. GrowJourney is the next step in that journey…

Through GrowJourney, we want to help more people discover lots of amazing seed varieties while discovering and developing their “green thumbs.” Once someone experiences the incredible sense of connection and joy that results from growing their own delicious food from seed to table, there’s no going back…especially once they see how much less it costs (and how much better it tastes) to grow your own.

We can’t wait to start growing with you. Let the grow journey begin!


Susan (aka “The Tyrant”) and Aaron von Frank
co-founders @ Grow Journey