Better is good.

When we privately “soft-launched” the GrowJourney Seeds of the Month Club to our friends and family earlier this month, we knew we’d be making a bunch of improvements once we started getting feedback from real people and real customers.

Sure enough, you all had some great things to say. We listened. Now, as we get ready to ramp up our outreach efforts to a regional/national audience and head into July, we wanted to let you know about the first round of big improvements we’ve made to the website to make your experience better.

Show Me the Puddin’

Some people said they wanted to see more details about what they’d get before they joined. So, before anyone joins, they can now see a detailed How It Works tour showing more of the benefits and services available to GrowJourney Seeds of the Month Club members. We hope it’s more clear now that our members get WAY more than new heirloom seeds each month.

On the tour, we show what goes into each monthly seed package (click image to enlarge):


We also show an overview of the online growing, harvesting & seed-saving resources available to our members (click image to enlarge):

GrowJourney-showcase- membership features

Simplifying the Members-Only Areas

We also made a big round of changes to our members-only areas that should make it much easier for members to get the info they need to grow like a pro:

  1. Dashboard – As soon as you sign into your account, you’ll see your new dashboard. This gives you an overview of the growing resources you have and a quick jumping-off point when you want to access those resources.
  2. My Seeds – This is a new area that we broke off from the original GrowGuide section. On this page, you can quickly learn more about your GrowJourney heirloom seed varieties (days to maturity, height when the plants mature, etc) before digging into the details.
  3. QuickGuides – These streamlined, one-page growing instructions are now separate from the more in-depth GrowGuides, so you can find them more easily.
  4. GrowGuides – Yep, they’re still here and just as robust as they were before. If you want to get in-depth growing, harvesting & seed-saving instructions for each seed variety, this is the place to do it. Plus, we’ll be filling this area with GrowGuides for other seed varieties—even guides for seeds you might not have gotten from us!
  5. GrowPlans –  We figured that having expert garden plans to help you design your garden using your GrowJourney seeds would be helpful. New GrowPlans coming monthly!

We’ve made a lot of other little improvements to the site, but this list covers the big changes. Let us know what you think? Thanks for any feedback and if you have other ideas for improvement, please feel free to comment below or get in touch with us privately here.


Aaron, Susan (The Tyrant) & the GrowJourney Team