Quarterly seed subscription for vertical gardens

Perfect for Tower Gardens, Farm Walls, and all other vertical garden systems!

7 new varieties of seasonally-selected, USDA Certified Organic heirloom seeds delivered to you every 3 months.

Seeds in your vertical garden subscription are curated for ideal growth in vertical systems (like Tower Gardens) as well as other larger aeroponic & aquaponic systems. You won’t get seeds such as carrots, vining beans, indeterminate tomatoes or long-lived perennials.

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

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got questions?

When will I get billed and when will my seeds arrive?

Because seeds are seasonal and your vertical gardens get changed out at the beginning of each season (usually on a somewhat quarterly basis), our Quarterly Subscription is created to make that process fun & simple for you. We want to ensure you don’t receive seeds after the season to plant them is too far underway — as such, orders PLACED ON OR AFTER THE LAST MONTH IN A QUARTER WILL SHIP IN THE NEXT QUARTER, as follows:

  • orders placed on/after 3/1 will ship 4/1
  • orders placed on/after 6/1 will ship 7/1
  • orders placed on/after 9/1 will ship 10/1
  • orders placed on/after 12/1 will ship 1/1

Many of our clients like to receive their seeds at the beginning of the quarter so that they can begin to plan. We will be happy to move your billing schedule around at your request. Please contact us or click here to live chat! (opens the chat/email window in bottom right).

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Can I save my GrowJourney seeds from year to year?

Yes! Nothing makes us happier than people saving seeds from the plants they grow themselves. Well one thing makes us happier: you sharing the seeds you saved yourself. That’s why we teach you how to save your seeds in our members-only GrowGuides.

Are your seeds certified organic?

Yes! All of our seeds are USDA Certified Organic. Not only are you supporting certified organic seed farmers, you’ll be getting clean, vigorous seeds.

Do you sell GMO seeds?

None of our seeds are genetically modified. At this point, genetically modified seeds are only sold and used in the commercial agricultural sector, not the home gardening sector; additionally, certified organic seeds can not be genetically modified. Even if they were available to gardeners, GrowJourney would only offer certified organic, open-pollinated, heirloom garden seeds. GrowJourney is USDA Certified Organic and a signor of the Safe Seed Pledge, which allows businesses and individuals to declare that they “do not knowingly buy, sell or trade genetically engineered seeds,” thus assuring consumers of their commitment.

What’s included with my subscription?

If you garden in a vertical hydroponic or aeroponic growing system, GrowJourney’s Vertical Garden Subscription makes year round gardening easy and fun. Every 3 months, 7 new certified organic, heirloom seed varieties will arrive on your door just in time for the next season: spring, summer, fall, or winter. Experience new and delicious fruits, veggies, herbs, and edible flowers that will dazzle your taste buds. You’re guaranteed to love what you receive or we’ll replace the variety free of charge!

What types of seed will I receive?

Every month is different, but you can expect to get a mix of seasonally-selected fruit, veggie, herb, and edible flower seeds. Sometimes, we also include seeds intended to attract and feed beneficial pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.