About GrowJourney

Since 2014, GrowJourney has been on a mission to make organic gardening simple and accessible to anyone. While we started as a USDA certified organic seed company, we’re now focused exclusively on providing the highest quality organic gardening educational resources on the web — specifically focused on no-till organic gardening (aka “carbon farming”). 

We’re a team of experienced, organic gardening experts and writers from around the US dedicated to helping you: 

  • Start your own organic, no-till garden;
  • Build rich, healthy, biologically active soil in your yard/garden to reduce or eliminate the need for chemical or mineral fertilizers;
  • Grow your own plants from seed — or even create your own inexpensive DIY indoor grow light system; 
  • Grow food year round via our simple, helpful seasonal gardening tutorials; 
  • Take your organic gardening game to the next level with edible landscaping ideas that can turn your whole yard into a food-rich oasis;
  • Reimagine what your home landscape can look and function like… Instead of a sterile grass lawn sprayed with dangerous synthetic chemicals, why not create an abundant foodscape that’s safe for you, your family, your pets, and pollinators/wildlife?

Meet our team & writers


Cofounders, Managing Partners: Aaron & Susan von Frank

Susan and Aaron are the wife and husband cofounders of GrowJourney. Avid organic gardeners, garden writers, and gardening teachers, their fully edible organic yard has been featured in LearnVest, Forbes, USA Today, and other publications. As their garden grew beyond its initial backyard footprint, it became known as “Tyrant Farms.” (Susan’s nickname is “The Tyrant” since she can be a little bossy at times—but she claims to be a benevolent dictator.)

Self-described “plant nerds,” the von Franks want to make it fun, easy, and affordable for people to grow their own organic food using the principles and practices of permaculture/agroecology. These approaches build healthy soil, produce clean air & water, grow nutrient-dense hyperlocal food, and help people and their communities become healthier and more resilient.

Susan is a graduate of College of Charleston (BS Biology) in Charleston, SC, and Aaron is a graduate of Furman University (BA Political Science) in Greenville, SC.

Eliza A. Holcomb

Born in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Eliza A. Holcomb’s roots in this area go back for generations. She’s a SC Master Gardener (2001) and Upstate SC Master Naturalist (2007). She founded Green Drinks Greenville and the SC Upstate Permaculture Society.

For years, her downtown Greenville urban farm was a highlight of the Greenville Urban Farm Tour with its lawn-free edible landscaping, chickens, mushrooms, and bees. In addition to consulting, teaching classes, and writing for various publications, Eliza also maintains a permaculture “how-to” blog called Appalachian Feet.

Eliza is in the process of starting a garden from scratch at her new home in Laurens, SC.

eliza holcombe-lord

Mary Dyer

Mary Dyer grew up on her family’s wheat and cattle ranch in the isolated high desert region of
Eastern Oregon. Currently, she lives in a tiny town on the windswept Columbia River Plateau.
Mary has been a gardener for many years. She holds degrees in anthropology, sociology, and
nonfiction writing, and is an Oregon State University Master Gardener and Master Naturalist.
When she isn’t working or gardening, she is an avid reader, and enjoys playing the piano, banjo,
and mandolin. Mary and her husband are parents of two grown children. They are dedicated
community volunteers, and they love spending time with their rescued greyhound and rowdy
labradoodle, Raven and Gus.