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your seeds

Each month you will receive five unique, seasonal varieties of certified organic heirloom seeds. GrowJourney seeds are sourced from a select group of organic seed growers and are carefully chosen for you based on their flavor, hardiness and beauty.

your seeds

Whether you’re a gardening newbie or a green thumb, having an expert guiding you on your journey ensures better results. Filled with valuable tips & instructions, our online QuickGuides and GrowGuides make growing a breeze each step of the way—from planting to harvesting to seed saving. Our members say it’s like having an expert gardener by your side!

your seeds

Our GrowPlans show you how to put each month’s seeds together into beautiful, functional garden plans. Yes, your organic garden can produce baskets full of delicious produce and look gorgeous at the same time.

growjourney memberships are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, able to be easily paused, canceled at anytime with no hassles and seeds are guaranteed to grow
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growjourney - saving you money

growjourney-a smart investment

a smart investment

Did you know that, on average, for every $1 you invest in your garden, you’ll get $8 back in delicious, wholesome produce? Gardening doesn’t just help you live and eat better, it gives you great financial returns as well.

growjourney- better seeds, less money

better seeds. less money

All GrowJourney seeds are carefully sourced and 100% USDA certified organic. Depending on the membership plan you choose, you’ll enjoy savings of 20% or more off of comparable retail seed prices.

expert advice = save big

With GrowJourney, you also get access to expert instructions from our team of experienced organic and Master Gardeners. We’ll teach you easy, scientifically-proven methods to save you time and money in your garden.

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growjourney - saving you money



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Once it’s time to start growing, use your GrowJourney seeds and online growing instructions to grow like a pro, save money, harvest and save new seeds for the future!

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what our members are saying about us

“Everything about GrowJourney is just phenomenal. So much detail, yet personable. Get on board. That’s all I can say. Get on board.”

~ m. clayman

marietta, ohio, zone 5

“I just signed up and I LOVE my first month’s seeds! I’ve never seen these varieties at a retail store and I don’t know how I could have picked better seeds for myself. Thank you! “

~ c. jackson

asheville, nc, zone 6b

“I consider myself a pretty good gardener, but the information in your Guides has already helped me immensely. I’ve learned so much, and am planning for my best garden ever. “

~ e. gordon

tampa, fl, zone 9b