Learn how to turn your organic garden harvests into delicious fresh or preserved foods.

6 Creative Ways to Use Lots of Peppers

Looking for ways to use lots of peppers from your summer garden? You’ve come to the right place!

Monthly Tip: Where To Buy Organic Gardening Supplies

GrowJourney was started due to a personal problem/need my wife (aka "The Tyrant") and I experienced. After spending weeks going through piles of garden seed catalogues, The Tyrant had grown increasingly overwhelmed by

How to Grow Delicious Austrian Winter Peas For Winter Greens

When you think of cold weather garden plants that you can harvest throughout the winter, what comes to mind? Spinach, kale, cilantro, chickweed, arugula, claytonia... there are a ton of winter garden goodies to choose

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October Tip of the Month: 6 Amazing Pumpkin Facts

Are pumpkin facts actually a Tip of the Month? Yes! At least we think so, because our sixth fact gives you tips for safely using your Halloween jack-o'-lantern for something so much better than a porch decoration

The Grow Journey of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis L.)

*If you like this article and want to buy your own organic lemon balm tea, we highly recommend this one. As you may have discerned, we're a bit obsessed with plants.

Calorie Inflation: The Surprising Truth About Grandpa’s Fruits and Veggies

Why You're Eating More Calories And Getting Less Nutrition From the Same Food We've all heard our grandparents say "when I was your age, I could buy a movie ticket for a nickel!"