Learn how to manage gardening pests and diseases using organic methods.

5 Facts You Should Know About Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizer

We hear these two questions a lot: Why can't synthetic nitrogen fertilizer be used by certified organic farms if it's used on conventional/industrial farms? Isn't fertilizer all the same - why does it

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Or Stop Plant Diseases In Your Organic Garden

It's hard to believe that we're already heading towards the tail-end of summer! Even though we're still harvesting baskets full of summer produce from our garden, we've just started many of our fall seeds indoors to

Tip of the Month: How To Work With Insects To Grow An Amazing Garden

This Tip of the Month is written by GrowJourney's cofounder, Aaron von Frank. All photos in the article are from the von Frank's edible organic yard in Greenville, SC. June 2016

This Week In the Garden (April 9 – April 15)

A weekly roundup of a few things that we experienced or learned about in our garden this week. 1. First Ripe Strawberries! With only one 5 gallon bag of frozen strawberries left in the freezer from

Six Ways to Prevent or Stop Squash Vine Borers

Question: How Do I Stop Squash Vine Borers? We get a lot of gardening questions from our members via email, instagram, facebook, and our website's livechat feature. To help out other members (and other gardeners) who

Want An Organic Garden? Here’s Why You Need Organic Seeds.

The High Cost of Cheap: Conventional Seeds vs Organic Seeds Below, we've provided a quick comparison chart that we'd like you to share on Facebook or Pinterest to help get the word out about an

What’s the Single Best Gardening Tip We Can Offer?

People often ask us, "If you could only give one gardening tip to a new gardener, what would it be?" Frankly, this is an impossible question to answer because gardening is a holistic, not