It’s June. It’s hot outside. Your summer garden is taking off. Bees, butterflies, and insects are buzzing around everywhere (including some insects that seem to want to eat your plants just as much as you do), and peak season for certain plant diseases is fast approaching.

It’s incredibly frustrating to see all the hard work you invested into nurturing your plant from seed to maturity be thwarted by pest insects and diseases. Likewise, it’s one of life’s most gratifying experiences to see your time and effort pay off to the tune of a full harvest basket and a delicious meal made from your homegrown produce.

That’s why our June 2017 Tip of the Month isn’t a single tip, it’s a roundup of our top-5 summer gardening articles that are full of tips to help you have an amazing summer garden.

GrowJourney’s Top 5 Gardening Tip Articles For Summer Gardening

  1. Top 5 Ways To Prevent Or Stop Plant Diseases In Your Organic Garden – Unlike during cool weather gardening season, warm weather wakes up lots of pathogenic microorganisms that can wreak havoc on your garden plants. Here’s how to prevent or stop these diseases using organic methods.
  2. How To Work With Insects To Grow An Amazing Garden – On one acre of healthy land, there are 400,000,000 insects. Thankfully, 95% of them are beneficial or benign, and the good ones can help you control the pests. Learn how to work with insects to get better production and less pests in your summer garden.
  3. How Much and When to Water To Get Your Plants Established – We hear this question a lot: “how much do I water my seedlings after I transplant them out into my garden? Getting this right can have life or death consequences for your plants, and this article will answer all your watering questions.
  4. How to Make Strong Tomato Cages – Tomato cages you get from the garden center tend to be too short and too flimsy. We’ll show you how to make strong tomato cages like we use (that work for other plants too) that will last for decades.
  5. 6 Ways to Prevent or Stop Squash Vine Borers – Perhaps the most hated of all garden pests for anyone who lives east of the Rocky Mountains, the squash vine borer can turn a healthy squash plant into a dead squash plant overnight. Learn how to control these little scoundrels so you can enjoy summer squash all season long.

If you have any summer gardening questions, please ask us in the comments section!

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