Learn how to care for your garden plants and soil organically.

Succession Planting In Your Fall & Winter Garden For Continual Harvests

Try succession planting in your garden to get continual yields and maximize your growing space! In this article, we'll teach you how to do succession planting in your garden. What is succession planting? Before jumping

How to create a beautiful edible patio garden (or pot arrangement)

Nearly 60% of people who participate in food gardening in the US do so in 100 square feet or less. That's not much space! Especially for urban gardeners, that means a back porch,

5 Facts You Should Know About Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizer

We hear these two questions a lot: Why can't synthetic nitrogen fertilizer be used by certified organic farms if it's used on conventional/industrial farms? Isn't fertilizer all the same - why does it

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Or Stop Plant Diseases In Your Organic Garden

It's hard to believe that we're already heading towards the tail-end of summer! Even though we're still harvesting baskets full of summer produce from our garden, we've just started many of our fall seeds indoors to

How Much and When to Water To Get Your Plants Established

by Eliza Holcombe Lord, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Permaculturist May 2016 Tip of the Month: How to Get Your Young Garden Plants Established With Proper Irrigation What are the #1 and

Biological Soil Fertility: How You Can Grow A Better World

The above photo is not visually beautiful, but there's a lot to learn from what's happening here. We're going to try to hit the highlights in less than a thousand words... The photo shows an

This Week In the Garden (April 9 – April 15)

A weekly roundup of a few things that we experienced or learned about in our garden this week. 1. First Ripe Strawberries! With only one 5 gallon bag of frozen strawberries left in the freezer from

April 2016: Gardening Tip of the Month – How to Make Strong Tomato Cages

by Eliza Holcombe Lord, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Permaculturist Tip: How to Make Good Looking Tomato Cages That Are Built to Last There are innumerable varieties of perennial, biennial, and annual food crops

This Week In the Garden (March 25 – April 1)

Sure, we love the amazing, fresh organic food that comes from our garden, but we also love the daily opportunities to learn and experience new things together. Some of those things might interest you

Gardening Tip of the Month – Preparing Your Garden Beds For Spring

by Eliza Holcombe Lord, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Permaculturist Tip: How to Prepare Your Garden Beds For Spring and Summer A nice summer harvest from GrowJourney's cofounders' no-till organic/permaculture garden.