Learn how to care for your garden plants and soil organically.

New Video: Succession Planting & Biodiversity

It's helpful to see things in action in addition to reading about them on paper (or screen). We talk a lot about hugelkultur, succession planting, and biodiversity in our educational materials, so we thought it

Edible Landscaping Made Easy: Design Theory and How to Get Started

Edible landscaping is the merging of landscape design with edible gardening. Yes, you can have a beautiful yard and eat it too!   Let’s face it, using edible plants in a garden design and

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How to Have Your Butterfly Garden and Eat It Too

Foreword by Aaron von Frank, cofounder of GrowJourney: The writer of this article, Dr. April Gordon, is better known to me as "mom," and has been a lifelong inspiration to everyone fortunate enough to know

The Surprising Benefits Of Gardening Go Way Beyond Your Health

The health, social, economic, and environmental benefits of gardening are a clear call to action: human beings need gardens.     We love organic gardening and can't imagine life without being surrounded by plants, wildlife, and garden-fresh food. We also

Preparing Your Garden Beds For Spring

We're big advocates of no-till organic gardening. Preparing your garden beds for spring and summer using no-till organic methods is a bit different from traditional approaches. We'll show you how in this article! Tip: How

How to grow lettuce: tips & tricks for gardeners (plus video!)

These tips and tricks will teach you how to grow lettuce organically in your garden to get huge, continual yields! We admit it: we love "rabbit food," as veggie-averse folks often refer to lettuce. Throughout

Succession Planting In Your Fall & Winter Garden For Continual Harvests

Try succession planting in your garden to get continual yields and maximize your growing space! In this article, we'll teach you how to do succession planting in your garden. What is succession planting? Before jumping

5 Facts You Should Know About Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is the backbone of industrial agriculture. What is it? How is it made? What are the long-term ecological effects of its use? Find out in this article.  We hear these two questions

How Much and When to Water To Get Your Plants Established

Getting your garden plants established is not as simple as you might think. However, doing it properly can make the difference between life and death for your plants, so read on to learn how! How

Biological Soil Fertility: How You Can Grow A Better World

The above photo is not visually beautiful, but there's a lot to learn from what's happening here... We're going to try to hit the highlights in less than a thousand words. Biological soil fertility and