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If you’re from the southeast US and you’ve ever had NPR on your car radio or ETV playing on your TV, you might have heard the energetic voice or seen the contagious smile of Amanda McNulty.

Amanda has been the host of the gardening and farming show “Making It Grow” for years, and we’ve always loved listening, watching, and learning from her and her guests.

We were especially honored when Amanda invited us to come on her show… and more than a little nervous! But we love talking about heirloom seeds and organic gardening, so we were thrilled to be able to spread the word to her audience.

Susan, GrowJourney’s cofounder, had to stay home to “duck sit” our newly hatched Welsh Harlequin ducklings, so Aaron spoke on behalf of GrowJourney and our team.

Susan holding Pippa Luckenbill, one of the new ducklings in the flock.

Susan holding Pippa Luckenbill, one of the new ducklings in the flock. Welsh Harlequins are a heritage breed duck on the critical list. They make great pets, egg producers, foragers, and fertilizer machines.

GrowJourney On Making It Grow

We hope you enjoy the show!

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