Video: Creating a ladybug factory in your garden

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know how much we love insects, especially pollinators and predatory insects. You also know that we constantly preach the importance of encouraging robust and

Our Top-5 Summer Gardening Tips

It's June. It's hot outside. Your summer garden is taking off. Bees, butterflies, and insects are buzzing around everywhere (including some insects that seem to want to eat your plants just as much

Oh, kale no! Organic pest control for kale & brassica pest insects.

The April 2017 Organic Gardening Tip of the Month From GrowJourney  Our edible organic landscape is a brassica-producing machine for 3 out of 4 seasons of the year (our summers are

Tip of the Month: How To Work With Insects To Grow An Amazing Garden

This Tip of the Month is written by GrowJourney's cofounder, Aaron von Frank. All photos in the article are from the von Frank's edible organic yard in Greenville, SC. June 2016