What tools and infrastructure does your small farm need to succeed?

Trying to figure out what tools and infrastructure your small farm needs to succeed? In this article, we'll help you find the answers — and more importantly, help you develop a lean-farming philosophy to become

Small farmer choice: CSA vs farmers market vs wholesale

Small farms have to figure out how to maximize profit on the produce they grow, which isn't as easy or straightforward as it sounds. In this article, we'll detail the pros and cons of selling produce via

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15 tips to start a small farm using regenerative practices

This article is the second installation in our Small Farm series. Here, we begin covering the basics of starting a small, regenerative farm. To assist, we ask for help from small farming expert Chris Miller of Horseshoe

Small farm series intro: what is a small regenerative farm?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to start or run a successful small farm? Wondered what exactly a "small" farm is or what it means to be a "regenerative" farm? This is the first article

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