Advice, tips, and tricks for new gardeners.

Four Tips for Wrapping Up the Summer Gardening Season

Is it time to wrap up the summer gardening season? It's hard to believe the season's over and cold weather is on its way. If your summer gardening season is coming to an end, here

How to read a garden seed packet (plus a glossary of garden terms)

Are you trying to read a garden seed packet and having difficulty deciphering the terminology? This article will help you easily decipher that confusing gardening lingo! When you're new to something, you might have noticed

Patio & Container Gardening With Sub-Irrigated Planters

Sub-irrigated planters (SIPs) will save you time and money. They'll also help you grow healthier plants than standard garden pots produce.  Do you have a patio or container garden? If you're using traditional pots, you know that it

The Surprising Benefits Of Gardening Go Way Beyond Your Health

The health, social, economic, and environmental benefits of gardening are a clear call to action: human beings need gardens.     We love organic gardening and can't imagine life without being surrounded by plants, wildlife, and garden-fresh food. We also

Hydroponic Vs. Organic Controversy

Hydroponic Vs. Organic farming: what's the difference? Find answers to your questions here! We're big proponents of organic agriculture (large scale) and organic gardening (small-scale). We're especially vocal in our support for organic no-till methods

How to create a beautiful edible patio garden (or pot arrangement)

Nearly 60% of people who participate in food gardening in the US do so in 100 square feet or less. That's not much space! Especially for urban gardeners, that means a back porch,

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Or Stop Plant Diseases In Your Organic Garden

It's hard to believe that we're already heading towards the tail-end of summer! Even though we're still harvesting baskets full of summer produce from our garden, we've just started many of our fall seeds indoors to

Tip of the Month: How To Work With Insects To Grow An Amazing Garden

This Tip of the Month is written by GrowJourney's cofounder, Aaron von Frank. All photos in the article are from the von Frank's edible organic yard in Greenville, SC. June 2016

How Much and When to Water To Get Your Plants Established

by Eliza Holcombe Lord, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Permaculturist May 2016 Tip of the Month: How to Get Your Young Garden Plants Established With Proper Irrigation What are the #1 and

Gardening Tip of the Month – Preparing Your Garden Beds For Spring

by Eliza Holcombe Lord, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Permaculturist Tip: How to Prepare Your Garden Beds For Spring and Summer A nice summer harvest from GrowJourney's cofounders' no-till organic/permaculture garden.