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Trying to find the best organic gardening supplies? Hopefully, we can help you with that… 

There is a well-known psychological phenomenon called “overchoice.” Overchoice basically means people get overwhelmed when presented with too many choices.

For instance, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of options you’re presented with when trying to find a pair of sneakers online. Or maybe you feel the same way when trying to pick out gardening tools. 

Interestingly, research has shown that overchoice is eliminated when you’re choosing for someone else.

Feeling overwhelmed? Welcome to “overchoice.” Image by, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

“Overchoice” On Gardening Supplies

One of our primary goals at GrowJourney is to make organic gardening simple for anyone.

That’s why we place a huge emphasis on providing educational content to teach no-till organic gardening and permaculture, philosophies/approaches that can drastically reduce the time, money, and effort required to get massive yields of healthy, fresh produce from your yard or garden.

Sure, you can garden on a shoestring budget, but sometimes it makes sense to buy needed tools and supplies. Then you start shopping for gardening supplies, and overchoice kicks back in–aargh!

White donkey overload 1380059 nevit.jpg
How your brain feels in overchoice mode. Photo by Nevit Dilmen (talk) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Over the years, we’ve had countless inquiries from GrowJourney members about what seed starting and gardening supplies they should get. From DIY grow light setups to good irrigation systems to raised beds to containers/pots to gardening shears.

This made us realize there people are experiencing overchoice on gardening supplies as well. That’s when we decided we should provide curated organic garden supplies that our team knows, trusts, and/or uses in our own gardens.

Introducing GrowJourney’s Organic Gardening Supply Store

As a small company with limited resources, how the heck would we manage to buy, inventory, warehouse, and ship all the organic gardening supplies people might want?

Thankfully, we found a solution. We’ve spent countless hours exhaustively curating the organic garden supply products from Amazon, then added our top picks to GrowJourney’s new Organic Gardening Supply Store.

This means you get the most competitive prices and the fastest possible shipping on the best organic gardening products and brands on the market. When you make a purchase, GrowJourney earns a small commission from Amazon – so you’re giving us a little tip without paying a penny more for the awesome organic gardening products you need and want.

Sound good?

Then go check out the GrowJourney Organic Supply Store and use us any time you need supplies for your garden!  We’ll be continually adding more curated gardening products as we have a chance to try them out.

GrowJourney Organic Gardening Supply Store

Happy Gardening! 

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