Instead of our usual Tip of the Month, we wanted to help you start 2017 with a bang. So our January Tip of the Month is more than just a tip… it’s a complete guide to seed starting for organic gardeners.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Our 3-part video series providing a complete guide to seed starting;
  • Seed Starting Ebook in case you’d prefer to read through any of the information from the video classes and/or get additional notes.

These three video classes will teach you everything you need to know to start, grow, and transplant healthy organic seedlings into your garden. Whether you’re a green thumb or a brown thumb, you’ll learn methods and approaches from watching these videos that will help you have better success starting your garden plants from seed.

The instructors are Eliza Holcombe Lord, GrowJourney’s Education Director (Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Permaculturalist) and Aaron von Frank (GrowJourney’s cofounder/CEO and an organic gardening expert).

Video 1: Should You Start Garden Plants From Seed? Why?

Video 2: From Germination Day to Transplant Day

Video 3: The Do’s and Don’ts of Transplanting Your Seedlings Outdoors

Seed Starting Ebook/Notes & Additional Information From The Video Classes

If you prefer a written format and/or want to read through any of the notes and information provided in our video classes, check out our free Seed Starting Ebook: GrowJourney’s Complete Guide to Seed Starting

Some of the seed starting products we recommend and mention in our videos and ebook include: 


If you have any questions, please ask away in the comments section below.

Happy New Year and happy gardening in 2017!

-The GrowJourney Team 

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