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Cofounder of GrowJourney.com. Organic gardener, plant geek, and heritage breed duck mom. Susan earned a B.A. in Biology from College of Charleston, worked as an ACSM certified personal trainer, and as a research assistant in addiction psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). She puts her strong technical research background to work creating organic gardening educational resources for GrowJourney. Foraging, cooking, fermentation, and mixology round out her other interests. In addition to their collaboration on GrowJourney, Susan and her husband Aaron are cofounders of TyrantFarms.com, a popular blog dedicated to garden-to-table cooking, foraging, wild mushrooms, heritage breed ducks, and parenting.

Don’t toss it! 14 delicious uses for Halloween pumpkins.

Looking for creative, edible uses for Halloween pumpkins? You’re in the right place! The ideas below will delight your taste buds, save you money, and help keep pumpkins out of our landfills. Pumpkins may be

Why and how to grow buckwheat

Buckwheat is perhaps best known for two things: as a primary ingredient in buckwheat pancakes, and as the comedy character in the classic show, Little Rascals (later revived by Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live).

GrowJourney Member Story: Valerie Benko from Lyndora, PA

The GrowJourney Member Stories Series features real GrowJourney members and their experiences in their organic gardens. If you’re a GrowJourney member, and you want to share your GrowJourney story, please get in touch! This GrowJourney story features Valerie Benko. All photos are from her garden. Years gardening: 5 Location:Lyndora, PA Instagram: @val_entine99

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Easiest Garden Plants to Grow in the Fall and Winter

What are the easiest garden plants to grow in the fall and winter? In this article, we’ll help you figure out how to keep garden-fresh produce on the table no matter how cold and dreary it is outside!