Learn how to start and grow your gardening seeds using organic methods.

How to read a garden seed packet (plus a glossary of garden terms)

Are you trying to read a garden seed packet and having difficulty deciphering the terminology? This article will help you easily decipher that confusing gardening lingo! When you're new to something, you might have noticed

Want an organic garden? Here’s why you need organic seeds.

Is there a difference between conventional and certified organic seeds? Yes. Read on to learn what it means to be a USDA certified organic seed, and why it matters to you and your garden. The

Video Classes: Complete Guide to Seed Starting For Organic Gardeners

Want to watch free organic seed starting classes so you can take your gardening skills to the next level? Then you'll love our three seed starting video classes taught by GrowJourney's Aaron von Frank and

When to start fall seeds

Trying to figure out when to start fall seeds even though it's blazing hot outside? In this article, we'll help you figure out exactly when to start your fall seeds so you can have a successful

GrowJourney on ETV’s “Making It Grow” with Amanda McNulty

If you're from the southeast US and you've ever had NPR on your car radio or ETV playing on your TV, you might have heard the energetic voice or seen the contagious smile

Keeping Seedlings Healthy

Your garden seeds have germinated... Now what? Keeping seedlings health isn't as easy as it might seem. These helpful tips will help you do it right! Keeping seedlings healthy after germination If you've browsed our articles

Farmer Highlight: Frank Morton and Shoulder to Shoulder Farm

Meet Frank Morton, organic seed breeding genius and the wild man behind Shoulder to Shoulder Farm.  Where do your seeds come from? Are your seeds USDA certified organic? As we've explained elsewhere, being a certified

How to Start Your Seed Library… and Save the World

We're all familiar with the concept of a library. It's a place you go to check out books with information you want to access around certain interests/topics at a certain point in time.

Get Ready For Fall Gardening!

It’s the middle of July and it’s smoldering hot outside. Your garden is producing mounds of fresh summer produce and your keyboard is still sticky from the fresh blackberry cobbler you spilled on it (ok, so